Apr 20, 2014


Went to the markets Thursday after work to pick up some flowers for the Easter long weekend. I ended up getting red anemones, white and orange ranunculus - going to buy some tulips later on today. Also bought the Byredo Bibliotheque candle which smells so good even without having lit it. Wanting to visit florists Scarlet & Violet in London...and thinking about when the lily of the valley will come out again.

Apr 13, 2014


Thinking of buying some new shoes, like these, in green maybe.

Apr 9, 2014


Lately I've been wanting to go to the desert but right now, I'd settle for a cactus in my living room.

Mar 30, 2014


We were talking about relationships the other night and a friend of mine said that it's not about how it looks- the stuff, the status or the symbols of your love- the important thing is to make sure that you really live together. And you know I believe her. 

Mar 23, 2014


Having it great and perfect for a while. Doing some writing today, catching up with friends and looking forward to getting my Rika bag this week...Right now I'm into gray shades and burnt out orange.

Peter Rabbit first edition illustration, Beatrix Potter
Sleepless in Seattle 

Mar 16, 2014


"What is done in love is done well." Vincent Van Gogh

Mar 14, 2014


It's spring and I feel it's time for a change. Playing the best of the seventies and it dawned on me that life is meant to be great. Sweet home Alabama kind of great- where the skies are so blue. It's not that it hasn't occurred to me before it's just that sometimes it's clearer.

Greta Bellamacina
Decade Diary, Valentino Fall '14

Mar 9, 2014


Birthday celebrations, watching friends reruns, blue-gray everything and the anticipation of Gentlewoman.

Mar 6, 2014


Crawford residence designed by Horace Gifford, Fire Island Pines 1968.

Mar 5, 2014


Listening to Girl Talk thinking about girls in hats. I've got a soft spot for Miss Jones.

Felicity Jones by Eliot Lee Hazel for So it Goes

Mar 4, 2014


"We are just living the way we are meant to grow."
Greta Bellamacina

House of Dagmar
Joan Mitchell’s studio in Vetheuil

Mar 3, 2014


At home sick. Poring over art, photography, fashion and design...thinking about going back to school.

Jane & Serge by Andrew Birkin, edited by Alison Castle

Feb 21, 2014


Dreaming of this (Tulum, Santorini, Corsica...you name it) while looking at the Shashi bracelets and white Birkenstocks I want for summer. I asked a client who works in fashion as a trend forecaster/writer/designer what the colour trends for spring/summer would be and she said white is the main one, blush tones and all blues preferably with a green undertone. Apparently the ocean is a big inspiration, even more than usual, so it's safe to say this coming season will agree with me then. Almost every room in our apartment has blue in some form...it's beginning to be a problem. 

Romy Schneider sunbathing, ca.1960

Feb 16, 2014



"Dressing well is a kind of good manners, if you ask me. When you're standing in a room, your effect is the same as a chair's effect, or a sculpture's. You're part of someone's view, you're part of that world, and so you should dress well, I find it's a show of respect to try to put on your best face and look as good as you can." - Tom Ford

Dagmar's Basic Instinct Collection

Feb 14, 2014


Renovate. Remove. Redo. Refresh. I can't wait to fix up our apartment, again. It's all consuming and I'm itching to get it done. In the beginning you buy stuff just to fill it, without much direction and you don't really know what you want, then you move, the space changes and what you have no longer really works. Everything has to evolve only now it's more about what will outlast trends and my changing tastes (ahem...) and what you can actually live with is important too. I've been sourcing one-off antiques which has turned out to be more like a blood-sport and resisted impulse buys in a bid to find colours that create the right mood...There needs to be more than one note in a room, again it's about the tension, I want to feel something back.

Tales of Endearment

Feb 13, 2014


It's that time of year again, that and my puppy Harry's birthday.

Andrew Birkin
Mary Ellen Bartley


My time is my own.

Feb 8, 2014


It's a rainy Friday afternoon, starting to get dark and all I want to do is curl up on the couch with my Porter magazine. I love 'The Edit' and now they have a print version packed full of content, and I do mean actual editorial content, not ads. It seems the need for real magazines is finally being met with recent new-comers and I think Porter- with all its features and eye candy - is an eclectic mix, and mark my words you will be informed. It's not Gentlewoman but hey, I'm on board and so far liking this Porter woman.

This quote from Alber Elbaz stayed with me because I often strive for perfection but then when something is perfect I just can't stand it, I have to mess it up.

"Perfect is the end. Perfection is what scares me. When you see photos of those perfect ladies, you realize it is as far away from perfect as you can imagine. Perfect people, perfect scenarios, perfect moments, perfect clothes, for me, are boring. I like imperfections; I like the tension."

Porter magazine by Net-a-Porter

Jan 19, 2014

Wilder than you thought

This year, I suppose like every year holds new hope, the hope of something exciting happening. If there's anything that holidays do well, apart from give you a break, it's give you distance enough to see what really matters - what you do and don't need and what you want. Or in less words, clarity. Holidays give you clarity. This year I 'll be finding my place, wherever that might be whilst planning my next trip away. I agree with Kate...

"My mum used to say to me, 'You can't have fun all the time' and I used to say...'Why not?' Why the fuck can't I have fun all the time?" Kate Moss.

Rosie Tapner by Boo George, UK Vogue 

Jan 2, 2014


You couldn't get better perspective on things than from abroad, living a routine that includes getting up and going to the beach first thing in the morning. The list that will inevitably be made about the new year's promises, goals and whatever else is in progress, though I think it'll be more like a five year plan, my first ever. Five year plans have always come across as a bit pretentious but at the moment it seems almost necessary when we live between two countries. It's pretty impossible to predict what will happen, and I wouldn't want to because where's the fun in that, but you can at least do a rough outline.

Tomorrow is our last day here. Salty sea breeze, pelicans and seagulls, balmy nights and lychees. A youthquake at new years, surfing, live music and sandcastles. Charred trees against the blues and greens of the cove below, bathed in the gold of the sun. I could stay here forever. Salty earth will you have me forever. You don't know a good thing till it's gone. 

Jacquelyn Jablonski by Emma Tempest Vogue Russia 

Dec 30, 2013


The bustle of Hastings, an open beach, the rainforest and the rumble of a storm on the horizon. The run to water over hot sand, the sting of sea lice, the burn of the sun and the flick of a fish's tail. Gentle waves and patches of seaweed, fresh seafood on the boardwalk by day and ice-cream by night. Sand between your toes, books to read and walks around the cove. There's something magical about this time of year- the humidity's high, the ocean iridescent, people congregate and fairy lights line the trees on the street. It's peak season and there's nothing like it. 

Ana Kras