Sep 25, 2009

RUSSH to the newsagent

The cover of my first Russh. Back Issue 8. Russh and I go way back. Our affair begun in a coffee shop on a Perth street about 4 years ago. I was with friends, flicking through some magazines over coffee when I stumbled across a young Russh...original, beautiful and filled with inspiration in all her glossy glory. But before I continue, for those that don't know Russh personally, I am talking about Australia's best fashion magazine-- self titled and rightly so. Back to the coffee the time I'd read cover to cover, I decided to be bold enough to ask one of the staff if I could buy the magazine from them--he looked amused and just offered it to me. I felt stupid. But I took it and practically skipped home like I'd won a prize at the Brookfield Show with what I vowed to hunt down...Russh. Although she was an older one and had obviously suffered at the hands of careless public readers with ripped and crumpled pages, dog-eared corners and bits of stuck cake and stains...It didn't matter and I was glad the barista didn't see it for what it was. And that is how we came to meet. Please...if you haven't already, introduce yourself. It would be rude not to.