Oct 16, 2009

ARNSDORF wouldn't it be lovely

ARNSDORF. These pictures are pulled from The Dawn collection by designer Jade Sarita Arnott--who I am proud to say is Australian made. (in the photograph above by Garance Dore)
These are the kind of clothes girls want to wear. They are fresh, feminine and intelligent to the eye and are seemingly a simple and luxurious experience for the wearer. And I say seemingly because I discovered Arnsdorf in Sweden and therefore haven't yet had the pleasure. But from what I hear and it's all good, Arnsdorf may well be at the forefront of fashion and we're not just talking about the southern hemisphere here, Arnsdorf is now based in New York. 

Jade's design has been likened to Swedish fashion in this piece for UHH by Natalie Emma Smith--SO MUCH TO TELL YOU. Something to do with the Swede's desire for lagoma sense of balance or striving for everything to be just so. The campaign and lookbook shots have got me in a tissy-- it's the pink, blue, beige and white combination I think, which you can see more of hereI want the lot but particularly the delicious cashmere coat and the pink head to toe number.