Nov 6, 2009


Dishevelled; being in loose disarray; not neat but messy; unkempt, as hair and or clothing. Marked by disorder; untidy: a dishevelled pile of books on the library table.
And to Dishevel is to; disarrange, clutter, confound, confuse, derange, discompose, discreate, disjoint, disorganisze, disrupt, distemper, disturb, embroil, jumble, mess up, muddle, muss up, rummage, rumple, scatter, shuffle, tumble, unsettle, upset.

I couldn't have put it better myself. Dishevelled is what my past week has been. I've been hard at work taming a bunch of two year old terrors...something I picked up in an attempt to make something of my artist ambitions. But the funny thing is, I'm kind of enjoying it. The kids are mischievous and exhausting but sweet. At the end of the day I leave having been spat, snotted and cried on, my clothes are stained with dirt and I somehow have bits of things in my matted hair. The train ride home is interesting.

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