Nov 9, 2009

do you think

Do you think. It is what it is... One of my friends got me thinking about black and white. There couldn't be two more distinct shades. They are opposite sides of the spectrum. And it's one or the other. But do you believe in the grey matter--the stuff in between, the stuff of substance, the stuff that supposedly matters? I DO. And yes, this is as serious as a proposal. There are definite grey areas that surround us and not just in our opinions but also in how we imagine things to work out.
It is simple in the diagram--black ink on white paper. As we see it, it is what it is. But somehow from paper to practice water and colour seep onto the page. It's ruined. The lines have bleed into shades of grey and the diagram lies abstracted and unlike the original. You couldn't have planned this. You couldn't have come up with such an unnecessarily complicated way to get from A to B. But there's fun and brilliance to this abstract absurdity.

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