Dec 16, 2010



I love Bernadette Pascua's work. She's a freelance illustrator/textile designer/stylist based in New York. Her sketches are in pencil, ink, watercolour and sometimes include textiles. Just recently she contributed to Vogue UK's December issue. You can read about her creative process, how she got stared, what inspires her and more here and here. 

Dec 15, 2010


Some inspiration is much needed. It's cold yes, but worst of all it's dark. It's very dark. Darkness coats the city early in the afternoon and lasts the entity of the night into the morning. It hangs low over the buildings in the fog and snow flakes that blow through. It's in the faces of everyone you meet. It's depressing. So what can we do about this dear Sweden? We need to get lost. At the moment I'm in a constant state of distraction with books, magazines, films and that blank page that waits patiently for my attention. The white-washed walls of the apartment stare back at me as a reminder that it's time to add some colour, some print some something to it all.

The top collage is Sopfia Coppola's inspiration for her latest film, Somewhere. I've decided I want to see this on the big screen because her work is so visual. She's created a website with all sorts of behind the scenes clips, interviews and the French poster to download. I would even put that poster on my wall.

Nov 29, 2010


This past week I've attempted to shop twice. And I can conclude that it hasn't really worked out for me. I used to relish the thrill of the chase but now I feel the energy drain, as the depression sets in when those familiar doors slide open. Faced with the general public I'm easily overwhelmed by the consumerism of it all. And I feel sick. The kind of sickness you feel when the inevitable shows itself. The inevitable being that you just know you're going to buy something for the sake of being productive and you're going to end up hating it. 

I'm getting old in my early twenties. I must be because the price tags in stores shock me. They really do, especially from the big retailers. When I was in Top Shop checking to see if I was missing out on anything, I saw a sweater with a tag of 900kr or about $AU140. A big cable knit sweater, yes--but still a sweater, from Top Shop. Buying it would've likely caused physical pain knowing I could get half a sweater from Filippa K (mmm Filippa K) instead. Maybe even three quarters of a sweater and for just a little more I could get the whole sweater, probably the most practical.
Kids, the lesson learned; buying cheap is expensive because it'll soon need replacing. End of rant.

Mandy Coon by Ruvan Wijesooriya 

Nov 18, 2010


A selective wardrobe doesn't have to be a boring one. I need pared-back and well-cut basics otherwise I'm left wondering why I bought them to begin with. I've come to notice that when cheaper garments loose their 'just-bought-it' feel, the shape, fabric and stitching give out to lifelessness. It doesn't feel good to wear any more. And so you don't. It just sits there until you can admit that maybe it wasn't an investment piece. Then all you can do is throw it out and start again. Only, because you have to do this so often, you can never afford to actually invest. It's a catch 22. 

But like any cycle of destruction, you have to first recognise the pattern then seek to change it and take action. I'd say I'm in the early stages of the third step. Although I've never liked impulsive shopping for fear of regret, all the saving and no buying is a surprising relief. Who said we should be in a constant state of purchase? It feels luxurious to take the time to look at what you have and to really plan. To create inspiration boards across your walls and to make lists. I love list-making because it's so full of promise.

My Pet Square

Nov 11, 2010

we're home

Holy, Moley, me, oh my, I've been waiting a long time for THIS. This is THAT moment. It has taken all of my everything to get HERE. If you don't know what I'm talking about, my Swede and I just moved into our first apartment on Monday. WE'RE HOME.

In a week I estimate I've regained around a quarter of the sanity I lost somewhere in all those years of shared housing. Phenomenal progress. Just listen to this; I can sit and think, on our sofa, during the day, alone and in silence. It's brilliance. We can also have coffee in the cups, sitting on the chairs, at the table, we bought, in the apartment we rent together. It's just us, there's no one else to consider. On Sunday we played music and made pumpkin pancakes.

Nov 8, 2010

the art of dressing well

This is not a topic that can be addressed in one sitting. It can be complicated but if anything else, dressing well should be simple. When things get complicated that's when it can go wrong. Oh so very wrong. Of course it's also a question of taste. But first, why is this topic suddenly relevant on the collective? Well, just when I was feeling fashion and everyone involved, was loosing touch I found someone with something real to add. Fleurette from Dead Fleurette is a girl on a mission to simplify her life by building the perfect wardrobe. She wants to create a sustainable and chic wardrobe. This is something I've long been in pursuit of, me and the rest of the women in the world. 

But despite this it is quite a romantic, unrealistic notion, believe me I know, I've been told, but I think it's a coming of age for me to set this in motion now. So that's it. I'm making a stand against trend, poor quality and excessive consumerism. From this day forth I here by announce my retirement from compromise. I'm going to try my hand at creating perfection.

The Commandments of Dressing by Harper's Bazaar complements of Dead Fleurette;

  1. Know what you like and what you don’t.
  2. Dress for yourself—not for anyone else.
  3. Dress to suit your age.
  4. Dress to suit your shape.
  5. Look appropriate for where you are going.
  6. Wear your clothes with confidence.
  7. Feel good about what you spend your money on.
  8. Embrace your individual style.
  9. Don’t be a slave to the latest trend
  10. Don’t be afraid to break the rules.
The pictures above have been and continue to be an inspiration for my style aesthetic. Quietly luxurious, sexy and simple with detailing in the cut. There is just something about Isabel Marant and Filippa K...gets me every time.

Oct 28, 2010


This past month I've been itching to A) move, so B) I can start painting. Being more of a pencil on paper girl, the idea of splashing paint on a canvas is more than liberating. It's scary. There's no going back with paint. It's all there and with no eraser powerful enough to reverse the damage, just more paint. I'm not trained so you could say I haven't experimented enough to really develop a style yet. Now I just have to cover everything in newspaper paper, including me. The painting above, by Gaia Repossi, is one I would be proud to hang in my place.

Gaia Repossi via Natalie Joo's Tales of Endearment

Oct 25, 2010


With the change of season it feels right to reorganise EVERYTHING. Since we're moving apartment in less than a week I realised it was high time. So I thought I'd start here, on The Collective because it too needs a fresh start. I love to cull, to keep only what's relevant which you may have noticed since I deleted a lot of my older posts and I may delete some more. But don't worry, if you were worried, because something new and improved is to come.
The beauty in culling is that it allows you to create without the restrictions of anything else you've done. I like that idea. It's refreshing. Let me know if you like where it's going.

A Drawing Diary

Oct 3, 2010

inspiration waiting

Some inspiration for thought. My swede and I are moving in November, into a new apartment. The long awaited move is here! So it's time to start thinking more about what it could be. As I said in earlier posts I want it to have a certain quality, real fabrics, materials--there's no substitute for real wood. To describe my ideal space; it would be original, warm, arty, rustic and modern. I want to love every piece in it. I want everything to go but not match. I want us to feel at home in our space.

Acne Paper, Lina Viste Grœnli

Aug 15, 2010


Peonies. You know roses used to be my first choice but now I see something more interesting and less cliché. They're delicate and pretty but still keep their wildness in the vase. There's a market next to my work where I've been eyeing off the fresh flowers, putting it off because they are a bit of a luxury to have in the apartment. But sometimes you've just got to. It's about the small joys. 

Aug 8, 2010



I have to admit how proud I am I that this Australian brand is being noticed further from home ground. When I lived in Perth, I used to go in to Billie and Rose on Beaufort Street, as a student, and drool over all the Arabella Ramsay pieces. So unattainable, it was painful, I'd sometimes avoid the store all together. But it's clear that this little boutique brand is out-growing themselves, their influence being felt as far as here, in Sweden. Now it's just a matter of getting a-hold of It has to be possible.