Feb 17, 2010

Alexa & Madewell's lovechild

Alexa Chung for Madewell
Fall 2010 Collection

“The whole point for me was to create classic, timeless pieces that could be worked into an existing wardrobe, clothing that can be mixed and matched and has a vintage or familiar feeling. It’s for 20-something girls — which is kind of an awkward time in life fashion-wise, really… it’s when you’re just getting your style together, mixing vintage pieces in with High Street or old favorites and starting to understand what suits you. I want to bring back forties tea dresses, sixties mod dresses....I want to bring cute back.” from Alexa herself

I'm speechless. It's adorable, affordable and wearable. I don't understand. How could this be? You can never usually get all three.  Rule of thumb, If it's chic it's usually not cheap and if it's not cheap you usually can't allow it to be wearable. Hence the dilemma. But somehow this collaborative collection proves the exception to the rule. Fall is predicted to play party host to Alexa's nonchalant style. Classic pieces infused with a tomboy'ish British schoolgirl feel--an inspiration from the 1960's, with a colour palette that oohs and arhs. Although the pieces themselves are a little generic it's the styling that sets it off. 

Noteable combinations include;  the Peter Pan collared dresses, the stripe shirt, slim cropped jeans and trousers, knee length skirts, the anchor belt over shorts of red and velvet, pea coats, blazers over scrunched cardigans and collage scarfs...not to mention the pale sock with the strappy sandal and the desert boot with the stacked heel. Fall can't come soon enough.

Feb 16, 2010