Apr 30, 2010



I'm looking forward to finding an apartment here in Stockholm. Moving out has been long anticipated but when it happens, I don't know what I'm going to do with it. The design is going to be more or less of my choosing since my Swede is organising the audio system...what can I say, that's ok by me.

I've never had this responsibility, a room sure but an apartment? No. It's exciting to be in a position to shape the environment you want to be in and a very powerful one. I want the space to be aware of itself. But how? The things I'm drawn contradict each other. I like clean, deliberate design and even minimalism but I'm unsure of whether it would be comfortable to live in. The second things get too placed, I'm itching to to mess it up. You strive to make it perfect but when you get there you can't stand to be surrounded by it. So in actual fact, you want it to be perfectly imperfect. I'm going to attempt to strike it right down the middle of chic and scavenged, just so or lagom as you would say in Swedish.

Our furnishings will be on a shoe-string budget, so it's going to be a trip to the flea markets to see what I can find and fix up. Because although we are in Sweden, sadly IKEA is not always the answer. No, generic is not on the inspiration board this month.


Apr 5, 2010

not an island

Not an island. Walk forward. Find pace under foot. Feel the air pass your face. Start swimming. Swim as far as you can. Break into a run, keep running. Run straight and don't turn. Sprint. Climb higher, grab the weeds and wrench yourself out of the water. Find ground, look up and see blue. Catch up and slow down. You are not an island.


Apr 1, 2010

to your heart from mine

From the latest Lula magazine. The scans of this shoot aren't the best but you should know they are crystal clear in print and so very beautiful. I love them. And I love Alexis Mabille's designs. 

A few words from Mabille's interview by Indigo Clarke;

What was it like growing up Lyon, France - was it a beautiful or interesting city to spend your childhood in? 
It was very nice. Lyon is a quiet city even though it's big. I lived with my family - my brother and sisters, and had a lovely childhood. The city is very conservative, but full of really interesting museums where the cutlture of arts, including opera and theatre, is at the forefront and celebrated. I feel really fortunate to have had the chance to grown up with all of this culture around me.

And what kind of person do you create clothing for - who is your ideal clotheshorse? 
I create clothing for myself and for the different type of people I know, but I love the idea of anyone of any ago or style wearing them. I love the way people who love my clothing totally make it their own, and it becomes part of their personality. I love to see how they feel in my clothing, and what they think Alexis Mabille is about. That is really fun and interesting for me. My eyes are totally open to that and today, that is the reality of clientele... they are aged 12 to 85 years old.

Photography by Sophie Deaporte
Styling by Ondine Azoulay