Apr 1, 2010

to your heart from mine

From the latest Lula magazine. The scans of this shoot aren't the best but you should know they are crystal clear in print and so very beautiful. I love them. And I love Alexis Mabille's designs. 

A few words from Mabille's interview by Indigo Clarke;

What was it like growing up Lyon, France - was it a beautiful or interesting city to spend your childhood in? 
It was very nice. Lyon is a quiet city even though it's big. I lived with my family - my brother and sisters, and had a lovely childhood. The city is very conservative, but full of really interesting museums where the cutlture of arts, including opera and theatre, is at the forefront and celebrated. I feel really fortunate to have had the chance to grown up with all of this culture around me.

And what kind of person do you create clothing for - who is your ideal clotheshorse? 
I create clothing for myself and for the different type of people I know, but I love the idea of anyone of any ago or style wearing them. I love the way people who love my clothing totally make it their own, and it becomes part of their personality. I love to see how they feel in my clothing, and what they think Alexis Mabille is about. That is really fun and interesting for me. My eyes are totally open to that and today, that is the reality of clientele... they are aged 12 to 85 years old.

Photography by Sophie Deaporte
Styling by Ondine Azoulay

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  1. Im not loving the pictures but there is something eye catching about them. All in all good post, girl :)