Aug 15, 2010


Peonies. You know roses used to be my first choice but now I see something more interesting and less cliché. They're delicate and pretty but still keep their wildness in the vase. There's a market next to my work where I've been eyeing off the fresh flowers, putting it off because they are a bit of a luxury to have in the apartment. But sometimes you've just got to. It's about the small joys. 

Aug 8, 2010



I have to admit how proud I am I that this Australian brand is being noticed further from home ground. When I lived in Perth, I used to go in to Billie and Rose on Beaufort Street, as a student, and drool over all the Arabella Ramsay pieces. So unattainable, it was painful, I'd sometimes avoid the store all together. But it's clear that this little boutique brand is out-growing themselves, their influence being felt as far as here, in Sweden. Now it's just a matter of getting a-hold of It has to be possible.