Oct 28, 2010


This past month I've been itching to A) move, so B) I can start painting. Being more of a pencil on paper girl, the idea of splashing paint on a canvas is more than liberating. It's scary. There's no going back with paint. It's all there and with no eraser powerful enough to reverse the damage, just more paint. I'm not trained so you could say I haven't experimented enough to really develop a style yet. Now I just have to cover everything in newspaper paper, including me. The painting above, by Gaia Repossi, is one I would be proud to hang in my place.

Gaia Repossi via Natalie Joo's Tales of Endearment

Oct 25, 2010


With the change of season it feels right to reorganise EVERYTHING. Since we're moving apartment in less than a week I realised it was high time. So I thought I'd start here, on The Collective because it too needs a fresh start. I love to cull, to keep only what's relevant which you may have noticed since I deleted a lot of my older posts and I may delete some more. But don't worry, if you were worried, because something new and improved is to come.
The beauty in culling is that it allows you to create without the restrictions of anything else you've done. I like that idea. It's refreshing. Let me know if you like where it's going.

A Drawing Diary

Oct 3, 2010

inspiration waiting

Some inspiration for thought. My swede and I are moving in November, into a new apartment. The long awaited move is here! So it's time to start thinking more about what it could be. As I said in earlier posts I want it to have a certain quality, real fabrics, materials--there's no substitute for real wood. To describe my ideal space; it would be original, warm, arty, rustic and modern. I want to love every piece in it. I want everything to go but not match. I want us to feel at home in our space.