Nov 8, 2010

the art of dressing well

This is not a topic that can be addressed in one sitting. It can be complicated but if anything else, dressing well should be simple. When things get complicated that's when it can go wrong. Oh so very wrong. Of course it's also a question of taste. But first, why is this topic suddenly relevant on the collective? Well, just when I was feeling fashion and everyone involved, was loosing touch I found someone with something real to add. Fleurette from Dead Fleurette is a girl on a mission to simplify her life by building the perfect wardrobe. She wants to create a sustainable and chic wardrobe. This is something I've long been in pursuit of, me and the rest of the women in the world. 

But despite this it is quite a romantic, unrealistic notion, believe me I know, I've been told, but I think it's a coming of age for me to set this in motion now. So that's it. I'm making a stand against trend, poor quality and excessive consumerism. From this day forth I here by announce my retirement from compromise. I'm going to try my hand at creating perfection.

The Commandments of Dressing by Harper's Bazaar complements of Dead Fleurette;

  1. Know what you like and what you don’t.
  2. Dress for yourself—not for anyone else.
  3. Dress to suit your age.
  4. Dress to suit your shape.
  5. Look appropriate for where you are going.
  6. Wear your clothes with confidence.
  7. Feel good about what you spend your money on.
  8. Embrace your individual style.
  9. Don’t be a slave to the latest trend
  10. Don’t be afraid to break the rules.
The pictures above have been and continue to be an inspiration for my style aesthetic. Quietly luxurious, sexy and simple with detailing in the cut. There is just something about Isabel Marant and Filippa K...gets me every time.


  1. I found your comment on Df's blog and I had to come check out your post. I think it captures the spirit of DF's readers, we want to change and choose quality over quanity. Which in theory seems like it would be fairly easy to do... but its challenging!

    ~Em K

  2. Aww, thank you for mentioning me in your post. Perfection can't be compromised.. I wish you good luck on the very exciting and challenging (as Em K said) journey!!