Nov 18, 2010


A selective wardrobe doesn't have to be a boring one. I need pared-back and well-cut basics otherwise I'm left wondering why I bought them to begin with. I've come to notice that when cheaper garments loose their 'just-bought-it' feel, the shape, fabric and stitching give out to lifelessness. It doesn't feel good to wear any more. And so you don't. It just sits there until you can admit that maybe it wasn't an investment piece. Then all you can do is throw it out and start again. Only, because you have to do this so often, you can never afford to actually invest. It's a catch 22. 

But like any cycle of destruction, you have to first recognise the pattern then seek to change it and take action. I'd say I'm in the early stages of the third step. Although I've never liked impulsive shopping for fear of regret, all the saving and no buying is a surprising relief. Who said we should be in a constant state of purchase? It feels luxurious to take the time to look at what you have and to really plan. To create inspiration boards across your walls and to make lists. I love list-making because it's so full of promise.

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