Dec 16, 2010



I love Bernadette Pascua's work. She's a freelance illustrator/textile designer/stylist based in New York. Her sketches are in pencil, ink, watercolour and sometimes include textiles. Just recently she contributed to Vogue UK's December issue. You can read about her creative process, how she got stared, what inspires her and more here and here. 

Dec 15, 2010


Some inspiration is much needed. It's cold yes, but worst of all it's dark. It's very dark. Darkness coats the city early in the afternoon and lasts the entity of the night into the morning. It hangs low over the buildings in the fog and snow flakes that blow through. It's in the faces of everyone you meet. It's depressing. So what can we do about this dear Sweden? We need to get lost. At the moment I'm in a constant state of distraction with books, magazines, films and that blank page that waits patiently for my attention. The white-washed walls of the apartment stare back at me as a reminder that it's time to add some colour, some print some something to it all.

The top collage is Sopfia Coppola's inspiration for her latest film, Somewhere. I've decided I want to see this on the big screen because her work is so visual. She's created a website with all sorts of behind the scenes clips, interviews and the French poster to download. I would even put that poster on my wall.