Feb 22, 2011


If you asked me, would you want to look like this in spring/summer? I would say Y.E.S. Even though I would normally think this much colour was nothing more than an effective man-repellent, there's something about the vibe of approaching seasons that's got me seeing things differently. I'd planned for a more subtle wardrobe but I can't help opting for more colour. I'm against trend, yes, though I think it's acceptable to use aspects without becoming a complete victim. But more wardrobe planning talk later...

Too long a dark winter I think. Yes, I'll blame the weather. It's always about the weather here. Mainly I just want to wear colour, especially citrus, in any which way it comes.

Fashion Gone Rouge-Alina Baikova for Vogue Australia Mach 2011 by Nicole Bentley
Marc by Marc Jacobs SS11 via Style.com
Decade Diary
Diane von Furstenberg SS11 via Style.com 
Over time by Jonathan Zawada via Miss Moss



  1. such a beautiful post, so many beautiful colors!! I love yr blog so so much always, wanted to stop by and let you know :)



  2. Deirdre, Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and loyalty to my blog!! It's so nice to hear. Spread the word! Jehane xx