Apr 29, 2011


I watched the Royal Wedding today and there was no doubt Grace Kelly's dress was an inspiration for Kate Middleton's McQueen number by Sarah Burton. It was handmade with French Chantilly lace and English Cluny lace with a 2.7 metre train and 58 buttons running down the back of the dress. It was beautiful and perfectly Royal.



Inspiration overload...These photographs are a few of Phoebe Philo's favourites all of which have been the source of inspiration for her version of Celine. The brilliant Maya of Turned Out describes them as tan paperback books filled with (and I quote)

''an eclectic mix of washed out 90's super models, grainy movie stills (my favorite: Ferris Bueller), vintage Céline ads and of course beautiful beautiful horses''  It got Maya (and me...) ''dreaming of carefree summer holidays, vintage 70's tees, straw hats, high waisted pants, wet hair, hanging on a beach naked - haha, or whatever''

I have never had the pleasure of flipping through one but thanks to Maya's collage skills we're able to enjoy them in this fun format. I'm off to hunt more down ...but seriously, what could be more interesting than what inspires the inspirational? If it's good enough for Phoebe, it's good enough for me. The last two collages are from Celine's SS11 collection.

Apr 26, 2011


Lately I've been thinking about the bounds of design. Especially where one part of design ends and the other begins because to me it isn't so cut and dry. I think that the way you live and the choices you make with your home are often much like the choices you make with your wardrobe. It all translates and one feeds into the other.

For instance my thought process for the interior of the apartment is much the same as the process for my wardrobe. I keep the lines clean, look for quality and a thread of consistency, offsetting the staples with thrifted things. Though I'm reluctant to make big choices on investment or classic pieces such as the denium jacket, the leather pants or the wall art, the lighting etc. Instead I make do and make lists for when I can afford the real deal. I like to think this list-making allows for ideas to mature before deciding on the right something. Then you know that the initial stage of lust has passed and it's fair to say, you're in love.

I stumbled upon this article about Jessica de Ruiter fashion stylist and LA's notoriously best dressed on Refinery. Lensed  by Kava Gorna.


Apr 21, 2011


Press Stop is the only place that stocks Russh in Sweden. They're currently behind on delivery. One isssue I could forgive but three issues? I know Australia and Sweden are far apart but come on that's 6 months. Unforgivable. I think it's time for a subscription, don't you? I just hope it arrives in good condition because I like to collect all the issues. A guilty pleasure which alludes my boyfriend but just wait they will be worth something someday, in fact they already are. I just need to acquire the first few issues to own the complete set. Listen to me, I sound like a complete nerd!

Apr 18, 2011


 Watching Annie Hall tonight. A nervous romance. It's so clever.


Apr 17, 2011


Lately I've become tired of seeing the same faces in all the campaigns, in all the editorials, the same celebrities on all the covers. It feels stale and I'm beginning to miss my favourite Australian supermodel Gemma Ward. Models seem to be falling in and out of fashion faster than the clothes but I feel that Gemma is so different she's timeless. Whether or not she intends to return to modelling is another thing, but it makes me happy to hear she is pursuing her acting career in Perth, where I studied at WAAPA. Her stage debut was The Ugly One with Perth Theatre Company in the new Heath Ledger Theatre.

Gemma said of the experience; “It has made me look at everything that we feel about beauty and the way it affects us... I started to notice how often we refer to things as beautiful or not. It’s a fascinating prism to look at the world through.”

Apr 14, 2011



Georgia May Jagger. Like mother like daughter. The architecture of the 60's & 70's holds serious style chips.

UK Vogue January 2011


Apr 11, 2011


What I wouldn't do to be her intern... or just to be in this creative space.

Photographs by Backyard Bill



We're on the verge of Spring here in Stockholm, finally! So it's got me thinking about what I would like to wear when it's comes time to shed the layers for good. If I could I would only purchase from a handful of favourite designers and vintage stores but I've painfully come to realise that this is not entirely possible. At least not yet, so there will be some compromises on quality. Though investment buying is the only buying I'm really interested in. I don't want to lay cash down on something with the knowledge that by next season it will be both irrelevant and unwearable. Nor do I want to buy something because it's what I'm supposed to wear. But unfortunately, for now, the high/low mix is what's going to make it possible to have variety.

On another note, Garance took these beautiful photographs of her friend Cisco, who she met in Australia. And mmmm... THE SUIT. There's nothing like women in menswear. White suit, chambray shirt and chucks  'à la Gainsbourg.' It's also made me think twice about growing my beloved fringe out. A fringe in summer--is that a bad idea?

Miss Moss has a new tumblr called wearing the pants. Suit up girls.

Apr 5, 2011


Today I was reading on SO MUCH TO TELL YOU that Zoe sometimes dislikes to work in fashion because of the pretentiousness that comes with it. The commercial side of things. It's funny she should pin-point this because it's also something I feel just in writing a blog.

I don't always share with people that fashion is an interest of mine because it's often seen as pretentious and frivolous--something which holds no weight. A hobby. Which is a shame because it's many other things too, best of all creative. And I don't think you have to follow fashion to enjoy it. This is partly the reason I'm anti-trend because not only does it give the power of how you look to someone else, it makes you feel like a tiny piece in this big cog.

As much as I love the show's, the magazine's, the campaign's and the lookbooks I can only take so much of it. I'm for fashion but I don't like it's dark side. To remove yourself from all that is refreshing and necessary in keeping some sense of yourself. Although a lot of blogs are commercially-driven I hope that mine comes across as some what individual and free of narcissism.


Apr 4, 2011


The 70's have got me in a tail spin. This is perfect. LOVE.

Eniko Mihalik by Maciek Kobielski for Muse #23 from Fashion Gone Rouge