Apr 17, 2011


Lately I've become tired of seeing the same faces in all the campaigns, in all the editorials, the same celebrities on all the covers. It feels stale and I'm beginning to miss my favourite Australian supermodel Gemma Ward. Models seem to be falling in and out of fashion faster than the clothes but I feel that Gemma is so different she's timeless. Whether or not she intends to return to modelling is another thing, but it makes me happy to hear she is pursuing her acting career in Perth, where I studied at WAAPA. Her stage debut was The Ugly One with Perth Theatre Company in the new Heath Ledger Theatre.

Gemma said of the experience; “It has made me look at everything that we feel about beauty and the way it affects us... I started to notice how often we refer to things as beautiful or not. It’s a fascinating prism to look at the world through.”

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