Apr 5, 2011


Today I was reading on SO MUCH TO TELL YOU that Zoe sometimes dislikes to work in fashion because of the pretentiousness that comes with it. The commercial side of things. It's funny she should pin-point this because it's also something I feel just in writing a blog.

I don't always share with people that fashion is an interest of mine because it's often seen as pretentious and frivolous--something which holds no weight. A hobby. Which is a shame because it's many other things too, best of all creative. And I don't think you have to follow fashion to enjoy it. This is partly the reason I'm anti-trend because not only does it give the power of how you look to someone else, it makes you feel like a tiny piece in this big cog.

As much as I love the show's, the magazine's, the campaign's and the lookbooks I can only take so much of it. I'm for fashion but I don't like it's dark side. To remove yourself from all that is refreshing and necessary in keeping some sense of yourself. Although a lot of blogs are commercially-driven I hope that mine comes across as some what individual and free of narcissism.


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