Apr 11, 2011


We're on the verge of Spring here in Stockholm, finally! So it's got me thinking about what I would like to wear when it's comes time to shed the layers for good. If I could I would only purchase from a handful of favourite designers and vintage stores but I've painfully come to realise that this is not entirely possible. At least not yet, so there will be some compromises on quality. Though investment buying is the only buying I'm really interested in. I don't want to lay cash down on something with the knowledge that by next season it will be both irrelevant and unwearable. Nor do I want to buy something because it's what I'm supposed to wear. But unfortunately, for now, the high/low mix is what's going to make it possible to have variety.

On another note, Garance took these beautiful photographs of her friend Cisco, who she met in Australia. And mmmm... THE SUIT. There's nothing like women in menswear. White suit, chambray shirt and chucks  'à la Gainsbourg.' It's also made me think twice about growing my beloved fringe out. A fringe in summer--is that a bad idea?

Miss Moss has a new tumblr called wearing the pants. Suit up girls.

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