Apr 26, 2011


Lately I've been thinking about the bounds of design. Especially where one part of design ends and the other begins because to me it isn't so cut and dry. I think that the way you live and the choices you make with your home are often much like the choices you make with your wardrobe. It all translates and one feeds into the other.

For instance my thought process for the interior of the apartment is much the same as the process for my wardrobe. I keep the lines clean, look for quality and a thread of consistency, offsetting the staples with thrifted things. Though I'm reluctant to make big choices on investment or classic pieces such as the denium jacket, the leather pants or the wall art, the lighting etc. Instead I make do and make lists for when I can afford the real deal. I like to think this list-making allows for ideas to mature before deciding on the right something. Then you know that the initial stage of lust has passed and it's fair to say, you're in love.

I stumbled upon this article about Jessica de Ruiter fashion stylist and LA's notoriously best dressed on Refinery. Lensed  by Kava Gorna.


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