May 11, 2011


Mr. Lagerfeld's 'Billion-dollar babes' resort collection. Held at Hotel de Cap in Antibes on the French Rivera south of the Saint-Tropez, where last year's was collection was shown. 

And again, no I was not there..though I must say that I didn't love it. Shocked? Surprised? You're not alone.  I have to agree with Tim Blank's review for, in that it lacked focus. It didn't feel cohesive. It was as if there was too much to achieve in expressing the difference between the two world's of Saint-Tropez and Antibes. Though I admit last year's cruise would've been tough to beat. On the upside there was something for everyone and every occasion. 

Some of the front-row; Caroline, Clemence, Laura, Alexa and Poppy. No last names needed...Photographs via


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