Jun 29, 2011

IT'S A MUSE summer

These two are my favourite shots from the Muse summer editorial by Jenny Gage and Tom Betterton with Constance Jablonski. It's in the colour--Yellow and gold bikini with tan suede jacket against the sharp blue of her eyes, next to denim hot pants with pink and gold stripes. The haziness of the surroundings, the ocean, the green of the grass and the soft purple of the delicate flowers. It's a gentle contrast but it works. It feels iconic and I love iconic.

Fashion Gone Rouge

Jun 27, 2011



McCartney's resort collection is STELLA, pun absolutely intended. It's colliding worlds. Californian surfer-cool meets lady-like with the familiarity of her tailoring. Hawaiian prints, deck-chair-stripes, jacquard houndstooth and seersucker were a mash adorning models who were playing crochet, table tennis, hula hooping, hitting pinata's and mingling with guests. The back yard-style presentation was relaxed and fun with Stella encouraging guests and the press alike to have a beer and to try the jelly beans. Not your average greeting, Stella said 'we do conventional runway shows twice a year, so resort is a great excuse to have fun.' And fair enough too.

It was designed for the pieces to be mixed as she demonstrated with what could almost be a random selection at first glance. 'There's a lot of versatility; that's what's nice about a (resort) collection,' McCartney said. 'You don't have to be so controlled, you can give a lot of different people a lot of different things and not be afraid to do that.'

I fell for the gold palm tree broach, pink trouser, pineapple coloured jacket/trousers against the black pieces, the nude heel, the all in one black ensemble as well as the two piece Hawaiian prints. Garance Doré took and illustrated the above picture of the see through heels and the surfer bag. I wouldn't mind them either. Did you notice I'm watering down the words to like instead of love and swapping out need for wouldn't mind etc. And all this to disguise my imaginary greed, because only in my mind am I a budding shopaholic with deep pockets.

Quotes from Vogue.com. Lookbook shots from Stella McCartney via Style.com.

Jun 26, 2011


Watched Garden State tonight. "You gotta hear this song it'll change you're life."-Sam referring to New Slang by The Shins. That same quote can be applied to this film. If you haven't, you've got to.


Jun 25, 2011

LULA'S STORIES from the city and the sea

Lula right you are the girl of my dreams. Finally the next addition is out and as usual, filled to the brim. The content is thick and I'm wading through it bit by bit savouring the first flick. So far my pick of articles is an interview of Chiara Clemente by Clémence Poésy. It wasn't just the subject of her film making work I was interested in but also her upbringing between Italy, India and New York. What a culture clash that would have been...I have a smaller and less extreme experience in living here in Stockholm but there's a difference all the same. 

Poésy asked Clemente about her family life growing up and she gave an almost a stereotypical image of what an Italian family is like, being surrounded by friends and by people coming in and out of her father's studio (artist Francesco Clemente) and having them stay on for dinner each night at seven, because her mum is such a good cook. 

And the interview continues...Do you speak Italian together? 
They always spoke Italian to us, we're four kids, I have a sister and two brothers. It's funny because I always felt so Italian growing up. In high school I used to say I didn't belong in New York, I should be in Italy and then I went to Italy and it was such a reality shock. 

The fantasy fell apart? What was disappointing?
It wasn't disappointing really but...It was funny because I remember my father said: 'Be careful, you have this image of Italy that's like a fairytale, now you're going to discover the reality of it.' And I was like: 'I don't know what you're talking about, I'm going home!' But I actually really realised and recognised my New York identity there. It's one thing to go to a place every summer but to live and try to work there, really enter a mentality. I mean, I love Rome, it's one of my favourite cities in the world, I love to go back, and I have wonderful friends there but it's very provincial, especially if you compare it to New York City, which is the least provincial of towns. It's an open mix, everyone is coming in and out, whereas the history in Rome is so ancient everything is still kind of stuck in its old place, nothing really moves. 

She got her first camera at twelve and tried to turn as many written assignments into film projects, like 'Barbie goes to Paris.'  Clemente says her love of film came from her grandfathers story telling, an odd combination of fairytale and war stories. In high school she created a documentary film called BOYz: You'll want to take them home with you, interviewing boys about love and New York versus Amalfi...

And you interviewed boys your age?
Mostly around my age, sometimes a little bit younger, sometimes a little bit older. a lot of my friends said I was completely not subjective because the boys in Italy are all really handsome, hanging out, looking cool, and then I picked guys in New York that I filmed in really closed environments, it was all awkward and they would say things that weren't as nice. I did everything, shoot it and edit it, not even on a computer. 

Off topic and further on in the article...You're always so elegant. How would you describe your relationship to fashion?
I always tell this story when I'm asked how to describe the way I relate to fashion: at the age of five my mum asked me to go get myself dressed for the first day of school and I came back wearing a princess dress with a princess tiara. I feel like there's something quite telling there. Maybe dressing up was something I enjoyed doing for a long time. 

Did you go to school like that then?
No, my mum made me change.

In this article you can read about her new project Our City Dreams. Or view the trailer here. And the official site is here. You can also read about Chiara's creative process at Another Mag.

Lula photography by Damon Heath and the black and white images are by Samantha Casolari.

Jun 23, 2011


Äntligen är det dags för Midsommar! It's that special time of year again here in Sweden-Midsommarafton or Midsummer's Eve. Dust off the maypole, dress in white, make flowered wreathes, heat up the grill and bring out the Rosé. Tomorrow will be the lightest and longest day of the year. There won't be any dancing around maypole's for us but there'll probably be dancing, eating, drinking and music...eating, drinking, swimming and drinking...etc. Can you pick which part of the traditional festivities we will all be taking part in?

Jun 21, 2011


Hanging Poolside this summer would be cool if not a little bit nostalgic. Except there are hardly any pools around--it couldn't be any less like Australia in that sense. There are lakes but lying by the lake in a bikini, sneakers and a cap doesn't have the same impact.  Here's to girl's who love sweats and sneakers thanks to COVER magazine's July issue. Model, Josephine Skriver was photographed by Rasmus Skousen and styled by Kathrine Agger. 


The right of passage to something more. Someday I'll be the man on the screen.

Inspired by Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues. Credits for these photographs were hard to track so if you know any please let me know.

Jun 14, 2011


Wouldn't mind one of these...in neon...and navy. Cambridge Satchel Company was started by an entrepreneurial mother and daughter with the initial idea of making ends meet. Originally inspired by what Harry and Hermione would've carried around they have a particularly British feel about them. The company's success completely by-passed their expectations as the satchel has reached cult status amongst the fashion savvy. I love their authenticity and sense of nostalgia with the insistence that they continue to be handmade in Britain. They aren't expensive and can even be inscribed.

Read their story.


Jun 13, 2011


Devastatingly handsome couple Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl almost look too good to have the talent to back it up. But they do. The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger or GOASTT is their creative love child. Self-produced they've got a sound that matches their look, bohemian, whimsical and if not slightly odd. And yet this oddity only makes them more intriguing..

Kemp Muhl said the pair were inspired by everything from the Victorian era, to science fiction films, to the macabre, psychadelia and realism.

While Lennon describes their sound;
All of our song titles and all of our lyrics represent our aesthetic, which is a combination of really old things, antiquated subject matter with really postmodern subject matter. That's why our next record is going to be called Victorian Cyborg, a combination of the Victorian era aesthetic with a postmodern, technologic diatribe.'

Interview's with The Telegraph and Interview Magazine. Watch them perform here.