Jun 3, 2011


I'm a sucker I know. But (and there's always a but) Chanel's summer makeup collections are hard to deny. I don't know how they do it..But (and there it is) somehow they manage to make the most unusual colours desirable and wearable by all skin tones. Last year it was Riva, a pale sparkly blue which I'm still coverting and bitterly regretting not buying. Though that pang of regret has been eased by this season's Morning Rose, a candy pink with gold sparkles meant to replicate the dewiness of roses in the morning, hence the name. And Mimosa, a vibrant yet mellowed-out yellow also with gold sparkles that shine through in the light is the 'must have'. Peter Philips, creative director, based the collection on the idea of a fantasy world of mermaids and such inspired by summer flowers and gardens with pinks, greens and yellows. Bring on summer.


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