Jun 6, 2011



It was my birthday on Friday, the big 2 4 --though every number up seems big to me.  I was given Iittala by my boyfriend and his family. A set of red wine glasses and light blue tumblers. They look  beautiful lined up in the cupboard and I can't wait to use them. The last picture is something I've been coveting, they say what you put in it makes it yours. I like that. That and their view point on sustainability and design.

About Iittala by Iittala;
'Iittala is a place for those who favour sustainability over consumption and want to create timeless, mindmade objects for everyday use. Many iconic and original individuals have long been associated with Iittala and we are proud to continue the tradition with each new generation of designers from around the world.'

Skål and Cheers to that, it's been a great one!

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