Jun 27, 2011



McCartney's resort collection is STELLA, pun absolutely intended. It's colliding worlds. Californian surfer-cool meets lady-like with the familiarity of her tailoring. Hawaiian prints, deck-chair-stripes, jacquard houndstooth and seersucker were a mash adorning models who were playing crochet, table tennis, hula hooping, hitting pinata's and mingling with guests. The back yard-style presentation was relaxed and fun with Stella encouraging guests and the press alike to have a beer and to try the jelly beans. Not your average greeting, Stella said 'we do conventional runway shows twice a year, so resort is a great excuse to have fun.' And fair enough too.

It was designed for the pieces to be mixed as she demonstrated with what could almost be a random selection at first glance. 'There's a lot of versatility; that's what's nice about a (resort) collection,' McCartney said. 'You don't have to be so controlled, you can give a lot of different people a lot of different things and not be afraid to do that.'

I fell for the gold palm tree broach, pink trouser, pineapple coloured jacket/trousers against the black pieces, the nude heel, the all in one black ensemble as well as the two piece Hawaiian prints. Garance Doré took and illustrated the above picture of the see through heels and the surfer bag. I wouldn't mind them either. Did you notice I'm watering down the words to like instead of love and swapping out need for wouldn't mind etc. And all this to disguise my imaginary greed, because only in my mind am I a budding shopaholic with deep pockets.

Quotes from Vogue.com. Lookbook shots from Stella McCartney via Style.com.

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