Jun 13, 2011


Devastatingly handsome couple Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl almost look too good to have the talent to back it up. But they do. The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger or GOASTT is their creative love child. Self-produced they've got a sound that matches their look, bohemian, whimsical and if not slightly odd. And yet this oddity only makes them more intriguing..

Kemp Muhl said the pair were inspired by everything from the Victorian era, to science fiction films, to the macabre, psychadelia and realism.

While Lennon describes their sound;
All of our song titles and all of our lyrics represent our aesthetic, which is a combination of really old things, antiquated subject matter with really postmodern subject matter. That's why our next record is going to be called Victorian Cyborg, a combination of the Victorian era aesthetic with a postmodern, technologic diatribe.'

Interview's with The Telegraph and Interview Magazine. Watch them perform here.

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