Jul 15, 2011



I'm a bit late to the party on this one since Sunnyland Arabella Rambsay's new collection is on it's way. But I feel my excuse is a reasonable one--I'm in Sweden...and slightly out of the loop on all things Australiana. The Alice is the latest to come from Arabella Ramsay inspired by a trip to the Kimberly in Western Australia where she says she fell in love with the solitude and landscape"I designed the collection with this in mind, putting together prints with colours of the landscape: desert reds, sandstones, ochre, gumnut grey and eucalyptus."

Featuring a seasonal print of native animals sketched by her artist dad, Douglas Ramsay, it seems creativity and talent run in the family. Sparrows, mice, kangaroo paws and cane toads never looked so good... Her young label has a loyal following of which I'm sure has something to do with her Australian sensibility. There's something very appealing about her view point. Her designs are always something I adore. They have a genuinity about them and a prettiness with a free-spirited assembly.

It makes sense that her style has largely been informed by her environment growing up on a farm outside of Melbourne. Arabella describes her label as "similar to how I would describe myself: it has a girly, soft element but also a tough country spirit." The girl who she designs for is someone who is comfortable in both the city and country. "I like girls who are a bit dorky, who are willing to take a risk." It's nice that someone is thinking of us dorky girls. 

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