Jul 24, 2011

CELINE cool enough

She's done it again. It's safe to say Phoebe Philo's Celine is cool enough. There's no doubt that this French fashion house has hit it's stride under the British designer's reign though I'm not sure it's seen it's high as yet. I like Phoebe. I like her a lot. It is a rare designer who shuns the media and speaks her mind with such honesty. She hates being interviewed, doesn't buy into what's expected or need her name in lights. And nor does she like to use words like 'staples'. The brand aesthetic reflects her no frills, 'no frivolous bits and bobs' attitude towards fashion. Photographed by Juergen Teller his unfinished technique's lay strong reference to the 90's, the era Philo most identifies with.

"I guess that period informs me because of my age," Philo says. "I don't see how one can get away from that. When I was growing up, that was what magazines and books were all about. That was how people on the street were dressing. When I go through old i-Ds or other magazines, they bring back that time when I was 20 and I remember that image or soundtrack or holiday. It brings back a nice familiar feeling."

On her media unfriendliness;
 Philo doesn't tweet blog or communicate via Facebook. When she shows her collections, her backstage area isn't open to the media. "Once the show has happened there's no need to control any image," she says, "but I don't like the idea of people sending out images before we've even done it. We don't allow anyone to do that. I don't like all that 'model backstage standing around having her picture taken in a stupid pose'"

...I think that the clothes say it all much better than I can. I always find it strange after a show when everybody comes backstage and says: ''What was it all about'? It's like: 'You've just seen it. What do you mean?' My instinct is to say: 'What did you think? What did you get from it?'
To me, the show is quite a complete story. There's nothing more for me to say and, anyway, it doesn't matter what it was meant to say. It's out there. It can be whatever anyone watching it thought it was, surely."

"I absolutely love fashion. I love doing new things and finding ways to swerve in a different direction. But one of the reasons why I try to use fabrics and cuts that don't go out of fashion is because I like the idea of women buying the clothes and then...I don't know what the word is...cherish sounds over-emotional for a relationship with a piece of clothing...but for a woman to feel proud, satisfied, comfortable and powerful in them, to wear them and get on with their lives."

Cherish is a word I think a lot of women would use when describing the contents of their wardrobe's and even more so if it contained a piece of Celine. Ms. Philo you're far too modest.
Exerts taken from this article written by Susannah Frankel. For a review on the collection by Nicole Phelps visit Style.com.


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