Jul 17, 2011


In June I visited Fotografiska with my family, Stockholm's contemporary photography museum. The building is a former industrial Art Nouveau style building used by customs and designed by Ferdinand Boberg dating back to 1906. With a red brick facade overlooking the water it was love at first sight. I had been meaning to go since it opened last year but only managed to get around to it this summer. It felt like a place I could get lost in for a while. Wandering the space passing time unnoticed, engrossed in it's contents. I think I've found my place in Stockholm. It sounds silly to say but there are those places that resonate so clearly and so deeply that it feels they're yours to keep.

We saw exhibits by Albert Watson, Jacob Felländer, Edward Burtynsky and Jacqueline Hellman. There are a lot of great things being shown at the moment that I want to check out. Especially Robert Mappelthorpe and Northern Women in Chanel by photographer Peter Farago and stylist Ingela Kemetz-Farago. And after reading Just Kids by Patti Smith I'm keen to experience Mappelthorpe's work in the flesh.


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