Jul 19, 2011


Jacqueline Jablonski, Frida Gustavsson, Julia Nobis, Sigrid Agren and Jessica Miller by Ezra Petronio via self service magazine/blog. I like the raw exposure of these shots. 

Frida Gustavsson's been in Stockholm a few times this year or at least that I've seen. The first time I spotted Frida was in one of my favourite coffee shops in Sankt Eriksplan on the street I work on. From the back she was so incredibly tall and gawky looking in her heels and fur jacket that I thought, 'Who is that?' She had a very specific coffee order that changed several times speaking in her native Swedish. When she turned around I caught view of her face in profile and in shock, I sat and starred. Not creepy at all...Realising this I turned my attention back to the Vogue I was reading where I found her image flat and glossy on the page. That's not supposed to happen is it? It seemed like no one else recognised her. Though it's often the Swedish way to pretend not to, I'm a believer in not intruding.

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