Aug 9, 2011


I love when I discover new photographers even if I might be the last..

Just the other day I was checking what's new on Net-A-Porter when I came across this. The beach is my favourite place to be so when I saw these images it felt like they spoke directly to me. You could almost be there. It's got the high energy and familiarity of an Australian summer even though it's shot in Miami.

It was photographed by Ben Watts--Naomi Watt's brother. I must have been living under a rock because I can't think how else I missed that. I've seen his work before but didn't realise who was behind the lens until now. His work is larger than life, he makes a still image move. It's more than a scene it's another world, our world made better by his eye. It must be in the name. Benny Horne, Ben Watts? Or maybe I just like the name Ben.


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