Aug 12, 2011


What did I tell you? Arabella Ramsay's new season of Sunnyland is here...and you only had to wait a month. Suggesting there will be hot and bright days ahead Arabella based the summer collection on the concept of an oasis dream after a trip to Hawaii. There is still this slight awkwardness and this out-of-town bohemic influence but somehow it feels more romantic this time.

The colour palette has neutrals of sandy tan and cornflour blue strongly accented by shades of cream, pink, green, citrus, charcoal and midnight. It features a kitsch hand-drawn Hawaiian print of a bikini-clad girl and leaves of blue by Douglas Ramsay. I think this seemingly strange use of fabrics is what makes her collections so memorable and cohesive. It's so effortless that you could almost question whether it was a happy coincidence.

There are tiered floral silk dresses, vintage chambray overalls and cotton mesh tee's under studded leather jackets and vests. There are crochet lace skirts and flouncy tops, high-waisted striped shorts and suede jumper's and suede skirts to boot. And where would you be without your trusty hat, socks and sandals?

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