Sep 3, 2011


As you can see it's a bit of a Russh special today... Being on tour is not a likely reality for most. It's a lifestyle made legend by those that have gone before us. This nomadic existence is a club reserved for the uber-cool and talented. It's these people that can be seen doing the global circuit. And it's also something a dear friend of mine calls her job.

But like everything else it looks different from the inside out. Managing the riggers of travel with the incredulous highs of the show and trying to live out of a suitcase must be hard. Perhaps not your first priority but you're wardrobe has to work hard. It has to be structured to cope with the demands as well as being versatile and practical in travel-friendly fabrics. 'Cause who knows when you'll next wash? But it also has to speak for itself. It has to assert who you are within a group. This gathering of images is inspired by my friend's experiences and to continue to inspire her look.

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