Oct 29, 2011


A blank page has always been the most promising of things. A fresh start to make a new mark. A chance to unleash you're creativity. It's also one of the most daunting of things. It's bareness so full of endless choices.

When I catch a glance of my sketch book lying around it stares back with judgement. It sits and waits impatiently. The pages so loud in their nothingness they ring through the black casing and spiral binding that keep them together. A pressure surfaces through the white noise. It urges me to make something good. Something worthy of a wall. But unable to shake it off I keep coming up blank. It felt like something drastic needed doing.

Then I remembered an article I read in Russh Issue 35 entitled The Artist's Way--A practical guide to making your mark in The Art Issue. I've read it through so many times. Danielle Top talks about her encounter with a self-help manual by Julia Cameron. But before you stop reading know that The Artist's Way is not famed as your average self-help book, though it may technically belong in the aile. It originally started as a course in New York during the 80's to help people at odds with their creativity and has since become a portable manual to 'focus on channelling one's creative potential.'

So apparently this predicament I'm in is referred to by Cameron as 'caught between the dream of action and the fear of failure.' What a ground breaker. According to Top, the book takes you through a program which helps to broaden and balance your experiences along with the perception of your artistic limitations.

Some of the course's key tools include making a list of things you'd try if you weren't afraid of being bad at them and a thing called Morning Pages. These pages are written daily from your stream of consciousness, three of them in total and first thing in the morning. Completely uncensored. Cameron believes that 'all that whiny petty stuff you write down in the morning stands between you and your creativity.' She might just be right. But to find out I'll have to order the book first.

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