Oct 27, 2011


I like girls with a certain rat-bag quality. The kind of intangible quality that allows you to skip the make-up and still look good eating a burger on the run. To buy clothes from thrift stores, to cut your own fringe in or to manage your schedule from a cafĂ©, all the while looking better for it. She's lovely, she's charming and she's known for being the sweet yet slightly glamorous rat-bag she is. Hitting this balance is not easy but the ones who do don't have to try.

It's obvious that Jeanne is one of my favourite modern day muses and of course Jane Birkin's qualities transcend time. But did you know that all three of our names come from the feminine form of Jean? And did you know that in French my name is pronounced the way Jeanne is spelt? It's nice to think you have something in common with people you admire even if it is just the name.

The Sartorialist
Vanessa Jackman

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