Nov 15, 2011


Lately my clients have been asking me if I'm excited. Out of context this sounds strange. But they were referring to my upcoming trip home to Australia. And to answer that question...I started packing last week. The chosen clothes are now lying in a pile on the floor waiting for my suitcase to make an appearance.

I have to say it doesn't look good for my summer style if you even could call it that. An odd bunch is more like it and that's after sifting through the dregs. I've noticed it's become progressively worse since I  moved to Stockholm. No one does summer like Australia. Australian girls have this undone coolness about them that doesn't translate. The French have got their polish but we're cool. Peter Morrissey's said 'Australia's personality is the essence of its style'. And I think that rings true.

The shots above are from Bergdorf Goodman's resort 2012 catalogue starring Bambi Northwood-Blyth and taken by Cat Bird. It's what summer should look like.

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