Nov 5, 2011


Hair. You can't hide it. It's the one thing that has to work with everything. Though despite these expectations it doesn't always perform up to standard. You can comb it or brush it, blow dry or towel dry, straighten, curl or even crimp it. You can buy the creme de la creme of hair products or use egg yolks, avocado and vinegar. You can DIY dye it or pay top dollar for what suits your skin tone. I've done almost all of the above and probably more. But when it comes to hair there are simply no limits and I dare say a lot of women have these same complexities with their tresses. 

Right now my hair resembles something of the bottom right in the picture above. It's been six months since I've had it cut or coloured. That's right  s i x   m o n t h s. People say it looks alright, good even, like I'm achieving the grown-out look but I'm beginning to feel homeless. And that's never really a good thing is it? So it's time to make an appointment to relieve me of my mane that's grown thick and unruly. Though the question still remains fringe or no fringe? So far no fringe is the prevailing answer but you always want what you don't have. And restless by nature you won't catch me in the one style for too long. 

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