Nov 27, 2011


This is interesting. The Benah's new blog has a recent post about luxury. The idea of luxury, our need for it and how to sell it. What struck me was this connection between luxury and our ideal selves.

I remember I saw an interview with the Ralph Lauren family on the Oprah show about the success of their brand, which I now already regret sharing...The man himself said, 'What I do is about living. It's about living the best life you can and enjoying the fullness of the life around you - from what you wear, to the way you live, to the way you love. I don't design clothes, I design dreams.'
That about sums it up I think. Ralph Lauren light blue was the first perfume I owned. Me and a lot of other teenage girls at the time. It must have been some dream we wanted to be apart of. 

Luxury is about creating the best reality imaginable by understanding the value it has in your everyday. 'The modern luxury brand -from Dior to Louis Vuitton via Givenchy and Chanel are ubiquitous in contemporary culture and aim to promote an ideal lifestyle, an aspirational vision of what we want ourselves to be and to look like, to dress and to smell.' (Benah)

And I agree with Mr. Lauren that 'There is something exciting about buying something you have to save for, as opposed to people who have had these things all their lives. There is more of a discerning taste that you develop.' I like the idea of growing into a lifestyle. It sounds luxurious, the kind of stuff dreams are made of.