Nov 14, 2011


The perfect wardrobe. Does it really exist? There are a lot of people that would say yes. These are the people dedicated to its pursuit. The pursuit of perfection. You need discipline for that and I just don't have it. It's too restrictive and too dull to follow rules that limit your choices. But the ultimate wardrobe is another thing entirely. It's real and it's out there. In my mind it's about buying things that can be mixed, worn, re-worn and remixed. It's about having limitless choices. 

I often buy from Beyond Retro because the thrill of finding something unique, its threads laced in another life is liberating. You know you won't be passing an identical copy on the street. Sometimes the details can be forgone for an overall impression. But buying new is important for the main body of your wardrobe because quality and cut is key. You can't always get that second hand. Though I think the industry is too changing to truly invest and to reach that perfection in a wardrobe at any one time. Maybe that's what makes it's pursuit so appealing, you'll never quite get there. But you go after it anyway. 

All the above images are from net-a-porter and are a part of my ultimate wardrobe fantasy. See, it is limitless. 

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