Dec 28, 2011


Daphne not only has a cool name but she also has one of the most enviable loft apartments situated in New York. It's other-worldly but doesn't venture out of context. Much like her photographer, Nathalie Joos she has an affinity with vintage. Her relationship to vintage is "long-term and committed" stemming from the kind of nostalgia that makes you yearn for a time you never lived. She tends to gravitate "towards classic pieces very much inspired by the style icons of the 60's and 70's like Romy Schneider, Goldie Hawn, Francoise Hardy, Mary Rickards..." And with a love of "true navy blue" Daphne sums up what I love about vintage.

Tales of Endearment

Dec 19, 2011


If there's one thing that will shake you up it's travel. Shocking your senses into the moment. It doesn't seem to matter whether you're returning home or on an adventure, the experience effects you in much the same way. Everything feels new. It peels back a layer of the eye revealing all the differences between where you've come from to where you are. Things look different, they smell and sound different, they feel different. The environment has changed around you and it seems that the same rules don't apply. It's familiar yet it's altogether new. You're just a babe in the woods. You remind me of someone I used to know.

Photographer Dan Martensen
Styling Gilian Wilkins
Models Anna Speckhart & Camille Rowe
Russh Magazine Issue 42

Dec 15, 2011


Russh's Christmas Gift Guide for the Best Friend. Yes I realise this is another Russh post...I should really just repost everything they do. But I already almost do. I'm still into red - isn't the leather notebook a keeper? Might also try my hand at escadrille's this summer. Love my Havianas but sometimes you need a bit of sophistication on the beach front. 

Dec 14, 2011


Snow white in the woods she's delicate but not fragile
Lovely but not lacking in wit
Inquisitive beyond cautious
Don't seek her, you won't find her
She's left town.

Anna de Rijk by Yelena Yemchuk styled by Leith Clark for Lula Magazine's fall winter edition.

Dec 11, 2011


The smell of a match being lit. The sulphur is familiar. Pale fire catches engulfing the air. You watch it intently as it burns down the wooden line. When it gets dark outside, surrounding yourself with candles and things that bring light becomes necessary. So that you know you're not alone in this winter. The steady glow a reminder that time will soon turn the days longer. The open flame is dangerous and you understand this too well but it draws you in. It flickers and smokes, the pale fire it burns out. Darkness falls again. But strike and a new glow is born.

We've not even made it through Christmas and I'm already thinking about the New Year. It's a shame to be missing New Year's Eve in Stockholm because so far it's been the best yet. Partly due to and despite of the fact that the climate doesn't allow you to wear sandals like the Valentino ones above. It's the Champagne and company that makes the night.

Dec 8, 2011


These are my picks from the astrology report for Russh by Susan Miller. The look of things to come. I'm assuming it's the work of Creative Director Christine Thornton who 'has always wanted things to look better.' I can relate to that. So often it feels like that's what I want to do - make things look better. But is that so bad? I would describe myself as visual. The way things look so greatly effect the way we feel and act in a space it seems almost stupid to not consider appearance to be something that is important. Take it or leave it, it's all at face value.

Stonefox Magazine 
Russh Magazine

Dec 6, 2011


One of the things I love about Sweden is that often when you meet a friend you go to each other's apartments. Today I did just that. I met up with a friend and we had fika with coffee and saffranslängd at her place. It was very civilized even with a toddler in tow. And how nice it is to have an intelligent conversation. To find someone who you can discuss things with, someone who can see what you see. She reminded me that everyday is a performance and that performance is not an experience reserved for the stage. What a profound perspective..It's in the way we get up, get dressed and compose ourselves. It's everything. We are our own performance. We're on stage everyday. Let's hang more often. 

Dec 4, 2011


We're told not to lie in the sun. Not to look up and meet it's gaze but encouraged to protect our skin from it's searing heat. Yet we continue our worship and with it's bad boy status how can we resist? We baste ourselves in sunscreen hoping it comes through on it's promise only to know the outcome when the damage is already done. The warm glow it transforms you slowly getting deeper each day your out, when your hairline lightens and your freckles they start to join up. Somehow you managed to pull it off, from transparent to tanned over the summer, with only a few minor set backs you're normal again, now doesn't that feel great?

BASICWONDER by studioFRONTdesk! 


Does training stifle creativity? I wonder if the more training you receive in any pursuit, especially art-related, the less able you are to experiment? The less freedom you feel, possibilities you see and individual you are. All the while you become more of the technique you studied, the people who taught you and those you endured it with. You're stamped, trademarked-your creativity stifled. Your voice repressed, confined and suffocated. To experience being outside of an institution for the first time since your training begun, you almost need to put the training wheels back on, to remember who you are outside of the rules that bound you all together. 

I like the words above taken from Russh. It feels that whenever I do anything creative it's never completely mine and mine alone. So much is stolen from others, elements taken, inspiration drawn. The movement engrained, the image imprinted, the vibe captured. Originality is not something I feel you can honestly claim, individuality yes but originality not so much. Too much has come before. 

Dec 2, 2011


I'm watching Cocktail tonight. They just keep showing it and I can't help but watch it. It makes me reminisce the days I spent working behind a bar. The highs lie in the fast pace and atmosphere whilst the lows are in long hours and hard labour. The good times were the best and the bad times were the worst. Much like a bad boyfriend, addictive. The film is so 80's it's fantastic and young Flanagan, charming.