Dec 11, 2011


The smell of a match being lit. The sulphur is familiar. Pale fire catches engulfing the air. You watch it intently as it burns down the wooden line. When it gets dark outside, surrounding yourself with candles and things that bring light becomes necessary. So that you know you're not alone in this winter. The steady glow a reminder that time will soon turn the days longer. The open flame is dangerous and you understand this too well but it draws you in. It flickers and smokes, the pale fire it burns out. Darkness falls again. But strike and a new glow is born.

We've not even made it through Christmas and I'm already thinking about the New Year. It's a shame to be missing New Year's Eve in Stockholm because so far it's been the best yet. Partly due to and despite of the fact that the climate doesn't allow you to wear sandals like the Valentino ones above. It's the Champagne and company that makes the night.