Dec 4, 2011


Does training stifle creativity? I wonder if the more training you receive in any pursuit, especially art-related, the less able you are to experiment? The less freedom you feel, possibilities you see and individual you are. All the while you become more of the technique you studied, the people who taught you and those you endured it with. You're stamped, trademarked-your creativity stifled. Your voice repressed, confined and suffocated. To experience being outside of an institution for the first time since your training begun, you almost need to put the training wheels back on, to remember who you are outside of the rules that bound you all together. 

I like the words above taken from Russh. It feels that whenever I do anything creative it's never completely mine and mine alone. So much is stolen from others, elements taken, inspiration drawn. The movement engrained, the image imprinted, the vibe captured. Originality is not something I feel you can honestly claim, individuality yes but originality not so much. Too much has come before.