Jan 29, 2012


I'm always drawn to white. The combination of a white dress in the summer is unbeatable. It feels comfortable to be dressed in white though I'm not altogether sure why. It's fresh and says I'm pure of heart. It's what you put on when you don't know what to wear.

I think white can be sexier than black but it's reputation for innocence has people confused. It's a shade with more depth and potential than it's given credit for. It's got substance. The strength lies in it's weakness; the presumption that the wearer is youthful and perhaps unaware of the world around them. Those who wear white hold power but only if they understand how to use it.

Kate Moss by Mario Sorrenti, Vogue Italia

Jan 25, 2012


Break-up songs are the best. But they're also the worst especially if you're going through one. It seems that there's no escaping their reach. Radio stations pump them out with no remorse because most songs are break up songs. They're all heart and cryptic lyrics but somehow you just get it. Like horoscopes you find what's relevant. And the world makes sense again. Someone has felt what you're feeling. You're not alone out there all washed up in emotions. Let's face it, we're addicted to love. Love and a certain kind of sadness. This is my current favourite. And it will always be the song from the summer of 11' in Australia. Break-up or no break-up. 

Jan 17, 2012


Holidays leave you with this glow. It's a certain kind of glow. I've recently been told I have this glow.  Not the kind you get from the sun but something more. It's a refreshed glow. The kind you get from excess sleep, good food, good company and hours of doing nothing in particular.

The greyness in your complexion lifts along with the circles under your eyes and the luxury of time slows you down. It renews your outlook. All of a sudden not much seems important enough to upset your day. Though strangely enough you don't notice a change until you're back at work. Heels drag as you resist the adjustment with the same conviction that had you convinced taking a break wasn't necessary. But as it turns out, it was.

Now it takes you twice as long to do anything but you're contented and unfazed by the faces on the street. Admittedly a holiday in a place where there's sun does speed up the process. I put my glow down to freckles and blonde hair dye. Now just to keep it up... Fake tan is hardly up to the job but it might just have to do. I don't think I'll bother. There's no substitute.

Jan 16, 2012


No wallflower is she. A crusader at heart. Blonde waves dominate her stare. Don't look away, don't loose sight of the green in her eye or you'll miss it. It's fleeting but you'll find it lingers long after it's gone. Wearing lace and heavy knits she armours herself from the day and from the roll of the weeks and months. A distraction at best. The raspiness of her voice comes unexpected with words carefully chosen her actions are swiftly taken. Don't cross her in plight for there's a chance the green won't linger but sear right through instead.

Jess Gold by Bec Parsons.
Styled by Romy Frydman with Hair & Make up by Victoria Baron

Jan 11, 2012


Not so long ago the heat of an Australian summer was just a distant and rose-tinted memory. I welcomed the thought of being hit by a wall of humidity, the sun beating down on the pavement its golden light making an impression on my skin. I didn't even mind the possibility of my clothes being soaked through with sweat. But the reality of this experience is something else. With a constant need to run into sprinklers and to hide out in air conditioning, just a walk to the shops becomes a challenge. I think my most used words over the last month have been 'It's hot.' The storms have been illusive and there's a haze that's beginning to set in over the horizon. The grass is drying out. The nights are still and the crickets have us surrounded in our homes. Productivity is at a low point with all the lounging, talking and eating that's been going on. But then that is the holiday season.

I've also rediscovered that looking your best isn't really an option. The only way you can use this weather to your advantage is if your at the beach where a good bikini, shorts and sunnies will do. Less is definitely more in this lazy summer heat.

Jan 2, 2012


There are many moments in my life when I say something profound like 'I carried a watermelon.' These are the moments where baby really should have stayed in her corner. Countless moments of clarity are spelt out into defining revelations. Revelations that others usually find unnecessary. Funny but unnecessary. Though this awkwardness is not restricted to words because being a cluts effects all areas.  In fact if it weren't for those who knew me I suspect things would regularly go quite wrong. Here's looking forward to a more together 2012.