Jan 17, 2012


Holidays leave you with this glow. It's a certain kind of glow. I've recently been told I have this glow.  Not the kind you get from the sun but something more. It's a refreshed glow. The kind you get from excess sleep, good food, good company and hours of doing nothing in particular.

The greyness in your complexion lifts along with the circles under your eyes and the luxury of time slows you down. It renews your outlook. All of a sudden not much seems important enough to upset your day. Though strangely enough you don't notice a change until you're back at work. Heels drag as you resist the adjustment with the same conviction that had you convinced taking a break wasn't necessary. But as it turns out, it was.

Now it takes you twice as long to do anything but you're contented and unfazed by the faces on the street. Admittedly a holiday in a place where there's sun does speed up the process. I put my glow down to freckles and blonde hair dye. Now just to keep it up... Fake tan is hardly up to the job but it might just have to do. I don't think I'll bother. There's no substitute.