Jan 11, 2012


Not so long ago the heat of an Australian summer was just a distant and rose-tinted memory. I welcomed the thought of being hit by a wall of humidity, the sun beating down on the pavement its golden light making an impression on my skin. I didn't even mind the possibility of my clothes being soaked through with sweat. But the reality of this experience is something else. With a constant need to run into sprinklers and to hide out in air conditioning, just a walk to the shops becomes a challenge. I think my most used words over the last month have been 'It's hot.' The storms have been illusive and there's a haze that's beginning to set in over the horizon. The grass is drying out. The nights are still and the crickets have us surrounded in our homes. Productivity is at a low point with all the lounging, talking and eating that's been going on. But then that is the holiday season.

I've also rediscovered that looking your best isn't really an option. The only way you can use this weather to your advantage is if your at the beach where a good bikini, shorts and sunnies will do. Less is definitely more in this lazy summer heat.