Feb 26, 2012


Today I was listening to my boyfriend's parents LP collection on their record player. From Cat Stevens to The Mamas & the Papas, Carly Simon, James Taylor and Paul Simon amongst other classics. I sat there on the floor looking through their collection, transported I pulled them from the shelf one by one, the edges were worn and the cover art bright. With the live sound of the records playing in the background it dawned on me. I couldn't help but feel our generation missed out. That we missed out on a time that might have made us more human. A time that was more simple and more real. With things done in real time. Things like communicating.

Reading the news from newspapers, talking face to face, writing letters, learning from books and listening to vinyl. There's a pleasure in taking the time to do something properly without the help of modern technology. Don't get me wrong, I love being a part of the information age where everything is accessible but I also feel a deep sadness that I missed out on life before it got so fast and at times impersonal. Technology is the middle man who, if he isn't already, is becoming our right-hand man. Now I do realise writing a blog is contributing to this but the advantages of instant publication together with the ease of its reach is all too seductive. I'm weak. What with the access to imagery, connections to others and the chance to create what you want - it's almost limitless. Maybe this is our form of freedom? 

Vanessa Jackman 

Feb 25, 2012


I love leopard print. As shallow as this will sound, it's one of those things you need. This is quite a new realisation as I used to strongly dislike leopard print when it was on trend, almost as much as that expression. It can so easily be abused. Everything else should be moderated when leopard print is in the mix. The print itself is at its best when it's not too big or bright but still needs its moment without having to compete. 

Though the humble animal print has it's roots steeped in riches with royalty using it to inflate their status, it was the Bohemian movement during the 60's that made it more accepted. Leopard print is still associated with the type of nostalgia that involves rock and roll, grunge and hippies but it's since been given a sophisticated edge. It's no longer just worn to attract the wrong kind of attention. A little mystery can go a long way. 

Feb 21, 2012


Powder pink. Spring is coming. There's still snow and minus temperatures, but it's coming. Fashion is ready for us. The stores are starting to fill up with fresh stock. Today I bought Chanel's May nail polish as a bit of therapy for a tough start to the week and it's working a charm. Later on this week I plan to go to Lännamöbler to check out String pocket furniture in powder. There's an interior overhaul in the works. After a year in our apartment I think it's time to invest in side tables, a knit for the sofa, bed linen, somewhere to store magazines, something for the wall and something to keep me on time and in style.

Emily Senko by Alice Rosati for All Magazine

Feb 18, 2012


Edward Ruscha's art is arresting and interesting. It has an air of humour about it too. What I wouldn't do for a print of the COLD BEER BEAUTIFUL GIRLS poster in my apartment. Sophia Coppola has one after she took it home from the Somewhere set. With Sophia's taste it's probably impossible to find by now. I also feel the need for a print of a pineapple for my wall. Strange but I think it might work.  

'I'm not just looking for pretty flowers to paint. There is a certain flower of decadence that inspires me. And when I drive into some sort of industrial wasteland in America, with the themeparks and warehouses, there's something saying something to me. It's a mixture of those things that gives me some sense of reality and moves me along as an artist.' - Edward Ruscha

Feb 17, 2012


It's that time again. Time to buy jeans. Oh yes and that means going through countless ill-fitting pairs in order to find that one true match. The golden pair that fit long in the leg, wide in the seat and narrow at the waist. With an ideal stretch and the perfect treatment. I love jeans. They have this uncanny ability to be whatever you want them to be.

However they should meet certain requirements. It's their job to make you look better, number one. Number two, they should always have separate length and width sizes so you've got a fighting chance to get it just right. There should be a variety of denim looks you can achieve within the brand you choose. Your choice should not be restricted to Bootcut or Britney, that's number three. Number four, you shouldn't have to wash them often and when you do, they shouldn't loose their colour or shape in an unflattering way. The fifth, the last and if not the most important requirement is that you should be able to eat in your jeans, whilst seated. Always. You'll know when you've met your match because you'll think you left the house without your pants.

Mirage Magazine is having a moment

Feb 14, 2012


He loves me, he loves me not. She loves me, she loves me not. Love me do. You know I love you. 

Mirage Magazine

Feb 10, 2012


Living the sweet life is an appealing idea but also a boring one. Lately work has been all-consuming. So much so that I haven't had the chance to feel inspired where as usually a stolen moment will do.

It's been close to a month since we've been back in Stockholm. The tan lines have faded and the post-holiday glow is now gone. I was sad to see it go but it's nice to be back in the swing of things. A life of leisure is what so many aspire to but I think it's a waste. Contributing something by developing your talent or learning new skills is far more interesting. Although some days I would prefer to paint my nails, I like getting up and having somewhere to be. Here's to those moments where we can slow down and do not much at all.

Feb 2, 2012


The girls of So Much To Tell You have ended their blog. It was a sad day. They were my inspiration for The Collective. Though it wasn't totally unexpected as there have been less posts lately but for good reason as they now have their own individual sites. An acceptable consolidation. I've already gone and had a flip through the archives and they're pretty great.

Nathalie always has such interesting content to share. She has declared this year as the year of being more sustainable with a list of high expectations but said she'd never give up her trashy treats. I'll admit I'm the same. There's too much pressure in doing everything right. In being wholesome and well-rounded. I think good deeds, like everything else, should be done in moderation. Even if that means your health in exchange for ice cream. Because ice cream can keep you sane.