Feb 26, 2012


Today I was listening to my boyfriend's parents LP collection on their record player. From Cat Stevens to The Mamas & the Papas, Carly Simon, James Taylor and Paul Simon amongst other classics. I sat there on the floor looking through their collection, transported I pulled them from the shelf one by one, the edges were worn and the cover art bright. With the live sound of the records playing in the background it dawned on me. I couldn't help but feel our generation missed out. That we missed out on a time that might have made us more human. A time that was more simple and more real. With things done in real time. Things like communicating.

Reading the news from newspapers, talking face to face, writing letters, learning from books and listening to vinyl. There's a pleasure in taking the time to do something properly without the help of modern technology. Don't get me wrong, I love being a part of the information age where everything is accessible but I also feel a deep sadness that I missed out on life before it got so fast and at times impersonal. Technology is the middle man who, if he isn't already, is becoming our right-hand man. Now I do realise writing a blog is contributing to this but the advantages of instant publication together with the ease of its reach is all too seductive. I'm weak. What with the access to imagery, connections to others and the chance to create what you want - it's almost limitless. Maybe this is our form of freedom? 

Vanessa Jackman