Feb 25, 2012


I love leopard print. As shallow as this will sound, it's one of those things you need. This is quite a new realisation as I used to strongly dislike leopard print when it was on trend, almost as much as that expression. It can so easily be abused. Everything else should be moderated when leopard print is in the mix. The print itself is at its best when it's not too big or bright but still needs its moment without having to compete. 

Though the humble animal print has it's roots steeped in riches with royalty using it to inflate their status, it was the Bohemian movement during the 60's that made it more accepted. Leopard print is still associated with the type of nostalgia that involves rock and roll, grunge and hippies but it's since been given a sophisticated edge. It's no longer just worn to attract the wrong kind of attention. A little mystery can go a long way.