Feb 17, 2012


It's that time again. Time to buy jeans. Oh yes and that means going through countless ill-fitting pairs in order to find that one true match. The golden pair that fit long in the leg, wide in the seat and narrow at the waist. With an ideal stretch and the perfect treatment. I love jeans. They have this uncanny ability to be whatever you want them to be.

However they should meet certain requirements. It's their job to make you look better, number one. Number two, they should always have separate length and width sizes so you've got a fighting chance to get it just right. There should be a variety of denim looks you can achieve within the brand you choose. Your choice should not be restricted to Bootcut or Britney, that's number three. Number four, you shouldn't have to wash them often and when you do, they shouldn't loose their colour or shape in an unflattering way. The fifth, the last and if not the most important requirement is that you should be able to eat in your jeans, whilst seated. Always. You'll know when you've met your match because you'll think you left the house without your pants.

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