Mar 29, 2012


Show me something new. Throw away the generic. There's no place for it here. Start from the beginning. Strip it back. Show me something that cracks a smile. Give me something I can keep. Something I will want to keep. Do it don't talk about it. Let it be a messy process. Pour yourself into its pages. Be a maverick, a renegade. Let it be awkward in its youth and forthright in approach. You'll know it when you see it. When the weight of the paper hits your hands. It will be everything we want it to be. 

Jessica Miller for Vogue Germany
Image curation via Designspiration

Mar 19, 2012


There's something elegant about destruction. Knowing destruction, either out-sourced or self-inflicted. An understanding of the consequences and the acceptance that it will happen. It comes slowly, unravelling, mixing business with pleasure. It drains and clarifies. There is both a sense of control and a loss of it all at once. The quiet before the storm. Energy gathers and the air thickens- momentum amasses. Let pre-conceived ideas go. This is a new elegance.

Mar 18, 2012


It's not likely. This can't be happening. It just might be too good. Throw it all in. It's the 90's baby- people scream and shout. The generations on the move. Spin me around. The music only sounds right when you play it. You know, I saw you crying at the Discotheque. Kate Moss is here. How could you be so sad? It's breaking my heart in two. You know you can get anything.

Images curated via BASICWONDER- Roger Deckker
'Crying at the Discotheque' Alcazar 
'Wild World' Cat Stevens

Mar 15, 2012


Will we make it out alive? Don't hold your breath, you'll be holding out for a while. The side walk is volatile. Deviate. Transition the intersection and see through the next light. All grit and dust we're blinded by white. Follow the blue line round. You expect to see something new. Observe the changing landscape. You become jaded and overwhelmed by concrete. The competition's fierce. Meet you at the finish line. 

Mar 9, 2012


“The very powerful can afford to speak quietly in a crowded room, knowing full well that the audience will hush and strain to hear what they have to say. It is an impressive way to demonstrate strength, and – crucially at Paris fashion week – an elegant one.”
- The Guardian’s Jess Cartner-Morley on Celine via a website by zoe walker

Dress like you've got more important things on your mind. Because surely, you do.

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Mar 4, 2012


It was the hottest day in August and we were heading for the sea. The light, it's not over yet as we've got the months of May and June in a bottle on the shelf. In its pink to peach hues, it sits waiting for the warm red to subside. Ahead of yourself but behind time, lost in an image and what it might mean. It speaks on behalf of itself, on behalf of its subjects. It tells you things you're not sure you should know. A bunch of freshly minted stars, Lost in Crystal Canyons they were. Misplaced, they stood with an eye of the tiger and a step too soon. Disappearing into its kaleidoscope we drove too fast with the music too loud. You put your arms around me.

Jens Lekman You Put Your Arms Around Me
Mirage & Russh Magazines

Mar 1, 2012


'I actually feel like people like to make fun of people who are obsessed with fashion and clothes...It's an expression of one's self. When you wake up in the morning, what do you choose to make you happy? If putting on a cropped shearling coat makes Rachel happy then you know, you gotta put on the cropped shearling coat.' -Kate Hudson's words from The Rachel Zoe Project- don't judge.

This got me thinking. I too find people who are obsessed with fashion to be amusing. Even though I may be one of them, I don't consider myself to be in that deep. That's right I'm taking the high road here´- flat out denial. A lot of people think fashion is about narcissism and vanity and it's a damn shame. The overtly commercially-driven scene is where mode looses it's soul. It's a circus out there and it's nauseating. The art is being lost in this drive to sell. The pool has been tainted.

Magazine's are growing thinner in content, thicker with ads and heavier in product placement. All the while Bloggers write knee-deep in commercials and celebrities make appearances to endorse brands. So blatantly obvious it makes me wonder if they think it goes unnoticed. But put simply, if you're paid to do it, say it or sell it then all trust is lost, all bets are over and the gig is up my friend. There's nothing left to say, well nothing of note anyway. Can't we go back to being honest and broke?

Despite all this I still hold the flag for fashion, in all it's commercial stench because I know it is more than its glossy covers would have us believe. At heart it's something we all contribute to when the question, What am I going to wear today? is asked. It is a part of the cultural fabric of our society. The choices made standing at our wardrobe each morning are what see us make fashion something that concerns us all. It's not so much a choice of participation but a question of how far you want to go. It can be the ultimate fantasy turned into reality, given half the chance.

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